Opinion: The Truth About Dave Brat’s Tax Cut Bills

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By Bert Berlin

Dave Brat’s recent newsletter brags about the Republican tax-cutting bills he has voted for this week. He also brags about the major Republican tax bill that he voted for last year. He says that the 2017 bill has given each of us an extra $2,000 to spend. But, Dave is leaving something out.

1. He doesn’t tell us about the millions of dollars that these tax bills have given and will continue to give to corporations and individuals in the country who already have huge amounts of wealth.

2. He doesn’t tell us that the tax cuts in last year’s tax bill (H.R. 1) will require the United States to borrow an additional $1.8 trillion over ten years to make up for the lost revenue.

3. He doesn’t tell us that the tax cuts in one of the  bills (H.R. 6760) he voted for this week will require the United States to borrow an additional $630 billion to make up for lost revenue just in the first ten years. The yearly borrowing after that will be $300 billion or more every year indefinitely into the future.

4. He doesn’t tell us that two other bills he voted for (H.R. 6756 and H.R. 6757) will require borrowing of another $26 billion over ten years.

Dave Brat has an uncontrollable appetite to spend borrowed money. And, he’s giving most of it to the wealthy. He tosses us two thousand bucks (and I won’t believe that until I file my tax return next year) and expects us to thank him by reelecting him.

I hope you’re not gonna let Dave Brat get away with borrowing trillions of dollars just to make his friends richer. Obviously, Dave Brat cannot be trusted to represent you and me. You need to vote for Spanberger.

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