Opinion: What Dunnavant Has Done – Medicaid

By Bert Berlin

In the 2017 session Dr. Dunnavant introduced SB1562, which would have created a Medicaid Supplemental Rate Fund.(MSRF). (This bill was introduced before the General Assembly drastically increased Medicaid coverage in Virginia). Dr. Dunnavant’s MSRF would have been funded by the elimination of state tax exemptions on nonprofit hospitals with annual revenues over $300 million. The MSRF would have been used to increase the Medicaid reimbursement rate for hospitals and health care providers in the Commonwealth.

Dr. Dunnavant’s bill died in committee.

What’s interesting about this bill?

Republican Siobhan Dunnavant is proposing legislation to INCREASE taxes on big hospitals. How often will you see Dunnavant suggesting a tax increase?

Who would benefit from the Doctor’s proposal?
Certainly not big nonprofit hospitals: they would be losing their tax exemptions.
Certainly not patients: the reimbursement rate would not affect the quality of care they received (hopefully).
No, the winners would be for-profit hospitals, small nonprofits and “health care providers” (doctors perhaps?)

Is it a coincidence that among Dr. Dunnavant’s leading monetary contributors are the Medical Society of Virginia and the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association?

What Dunnavant Has Done – Abortion

Abortion In the Senate Education and Health Committee, Dunnavant cast the deciding vote that killed SB 1549. The bill would have repealed the following existing abortion restrictions: 1- Administration of an ultrasound before a woman can consent to an abortion. 2- The need for 2 consulting physicians to agree that a woman’s life is threatened or her physical or mental health would be impaired before a third-trimester abortion is allowed. 3- A facility that performs 5 or more first trimester abortions must meet same standards as hospitals. (Source: Legislative Information Service).