Petersburg is asking residents to adopt a fire hydrant to help with crisis

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A new push in Petersburg encourages residents and business owners to ‘adopt’ their neighborhood fire hydrant to try and help the city with repairs and upkeep.

“We’re asking people in the city to adopt a fire hydrant nearest to their home or their business, hoping that they will make phone calls to city hall or to either public utilities to make them aware that they want to know what’s going on with the hydrants in the city,” Gene Beemer with the Petersburg Professional Firefighters Association said.

To adopt, it doesn’t cost a thing, Beemer explained.

The drive, started by the Petersburg Professional Firefighters Association, wants every hydrant to have someone who is consistently calling and checking on when the last time it was inspected and the results of that inspection.

“We’ve had an ongoing problem for the last six to eight months with three confirmed fires where they have had hydrants that did not work,” Beemer said.

The mayor says 85 percent of the hydrants in the city have been checked, but there is still a lot of work to do.


“We still have work to do because council we’re not happy unless 100% of our fire hydrants have been checked,” Petersburg Mayor Sam Parham said.

The fire union says they still know of more than 35 hydrants that are not working properly.

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