A Petersburg business called the police on people that were feeding a homeless man

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Written by Brandon Jarvis

A group of local citizens have been working to help the local homeless population. They have started a campaign on Facebook to bring as much help as they possibly can to these people.

Earlier this week, 2 of these people bought some food from the Krispy Crunchy Chicken inside of the Liberty Mart gas station on  Washington Street in Petersburg. The cops were then called.

Daniel DeNitto, an organizer for the local “Helping our Homeless” movement – and a relative of the 2 people that bought the food – posted the following statement on Facebook Saturday morning.

“It’s a sad day when someone buys a fried chicken dinner to feed a homeless man who is hungry and the police are called. What law was broken? Instead of the police supporting humanity of doing the right thing they criticize the person buying a man a meal because it is bad for business. Has the world really become this cold and desensitized that we can walk right by someone starving on the street? Reminder that starving person is someone’s son, daughter, father, mother, brother, sister, and their life is no less valuable than yours or mine. 2018 love everyone 💓

DeNitto said that the police told the homeless man to leave the property. The police also told the 2 individuals that bought them the food that they should not do so again, because it is bad for business. We have reached out to the police department for comment – they have yet to respond.

We also reached out to the Liberty Mart gas station by phone, they confirmed the event did happen, although they weren’t sure of the day that it happened. They had no comment for the story.

DeNitto said the individuals that bought the food – her father and uncle – have always helped anyone who crossed their path that needed help. “There were many times my Dad picked up a hitchhiker or homeless person in need to help them get where they needed to go or buy them a meal.”

Stay up to date and join the Facebook group if you are interested in helping the homeless population. Go to “Helping our Homeless“ and join the group.

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