Petersburg housing projects are set to be renovated

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Posted by Brandon Jarvis

Pin Oaks Estates, Pecan Acres Estates, and Sycamore Towers will be receiving some major facelifts, and in some cases they will be completely rebuilt. In fact the Pin Oaks and Pecan Acres remodeling will involve completely destroying and rebuilding the residences. This will be the first work that these housing projects have received in decades.

Estimates of the cost of work are close to $39 million. Petersburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority Director Nathaniel Pride told the Progress Index that they are still “working out the final details” of how exactly they will be paying for the renovations. This is not the most promising statement that residents want to hear. It all depends on what is permitted by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Officials say that they are working and communicating with residents to ensure they have a place to live during the renovations. “Relocation is part of the process,” Pride told the Progress Index. Our search found that there is a waiting list of over 200 people for public housing in Petersburg.

We will update you as the process continues.

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