Petersburg Police are searching for a man that brutally tortured and killed puppies

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Petersburg Police are still looking for a man who they say tortured and killed several puppies.

WARNING: Story contains graphic details

It was last spring when Petersburg Police were called to Trailer 32 at the Shady Grove mobile home park on North Steadman Road. They found a gruesome scene where three puppies had been mutilated.

“He had cut them in multiple places, stabbed them. He then tried to glue the wounds shut, tried to glue their mouths shut and had them ingest certain substances that would cause them extreme pain,” said Detective Thomas Ewers with the Petersburg Police Department.

Police have charged 36-year-old Brandon Gillie with the heinous crime.

“It was a process, we’re not talking about a couple minutes of torturing, we’re talking about hours and hours of him methodically torturing these animals,” said Ewers.  Investigators were tipped off to the crime by Gillie’s girlfriend.  “I’d say there is probably a mental health issue. They had just gotten the puppies a few weeks prior,” said Ewers.

Now investigators are worried that killing animals may only be the beginning for Gillie.  “Most experts will tell you that there is a concern – you start small with animals and things like that, and it could lead to a larger issue involving humans,” said Ewers.  Gillie has a large network of family and friends spread out around Chesterfield and Henrico.

“He still could be in the Tri-Cities area, most likely he’s up in the Hanover and Ashland area,” said Ewers.  Police are hoping someone has information that will help get Brandon Gillie off the streets.  “To get him help and make sure that he is okay and nothing like this happens to any animal or person.”

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