The Philadelphia’s Eagles had their true first test and failed.

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The Eagles played against the first team with a winning record since playing the Carolina Panthers, and they blew it. This was their moment to shine. To prove all of the doubters wrong and yet they did the opposite.


This game was not a close one. They not only lost but also walked away with their tail between their legs. The final score being 24-10 does not show much promise or talent.


But this does not mean you should write the Philadelphia Eagles off. This was their first main trial on the road. The next game is versus the Los Angles Rams which is also on the road. The Eagles have learned their lesson. They now know what level they need to compete at to win and I believe they will show up and execute.


They have the team. They have the players. They have the grit to do it. The Eagles are lead by quarterback Carson Wentz who is surrounded by a strong supporting cast. This cast includes wide receivers Alshon Jeffery, Torrey Smith, as well as running backs LeGarrette Blount and Jay Ajayi. The defense is stacked with defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan and defensive end Derek Barnett.


This is a team that can perform and win. Every team has their ups and downs and we just witnessed their down. It may have come at a bad time but every team is entitled to one. Let us see what next week has planned for the Eagles. Then we can properly discuss if the Eagles are the team to talk about or if they are the frauds you thought they were.


Madeline Head

Sports Editor — Richmond 2day

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