Prince George police chase ends in life-threatening injuries in Petersburg

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by Brandon Jarvis

Sources tell us that Prince George police were pursuing a vehicle Saturday night and it ended in a crash.

The chase began in Prince George, but as the driver of the vehicle entered Petersburg, Prince George police stopped pursuing the vehicle at the county line. According to our sources, the vehicle then continued, and t-boned another vehicle causing it to flip.

The accident happened in the 1600 block of East Washington Street. Medflight is on the scene.

Footage provided by Mike Mcternan


Sources say that the driver fled the scene, and that one patient was trapped inside of a vehicle. Firefighters had to work to extricate one person facing life-threatening injuries.

We have no word from police on the cause of the pursuit, or if the suspect is in custody.

We will update you when we have more details.


Photo by April Gore

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