Pull for Pride Fundraiser in Support of Diversity Richmond & Side by Side

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For the second consecutive year, Richmond Balance will host the popular and unique fundraiser Pull For Pride Richmond, a deadlift-only “test of strength.” The June 15 event is held in conjunction with ten sister cities nationwide. Triple Crossing Brewery in Fulton will be hosting the contest, in partnership with the Women’s Strength Coalition.


“Pull for Pride Richmond” will once again benefit two local organizations, Diversity Richmond and Side by Side. Last year, the event raised over $8,000 for the two, and this year they plan to increase that.

Diversity Richmond serves as Central Virginia’s LGBTQ+ community center, providing social events, free meeting spaces, financial support and  other resources for the community. Side by Side serves as Central Virginia’s LGBTQ+ youth organization, providing support groups, counseling, and services. Together, along with other community partners, these organizations coordinate hotel stays, clothing, food, and other resources for those most in need in the LGBTQ+ community.


The event is open to all people (trans, cis, intersex, non-binary, women, men) and experience levels with no minimum requirements for weight to be lifted. Leading up to the event, Richmond Balance will be hosting free Deadlift Clinics for those interested in learning how to incorporate the movement into their training. The next events are on April 13 and May 11.


“Pull for Pride Richmond” will feature 60+ lifters, raffle prizes, music, and an afterparty at Triple Crossing. Come to cheer and experience an event you’ve never seen before as each lifter tests their muscular strength and mental fortitude as much as proving the strength of an entire community.


We invite you to join hundreds of other athletes all over the country as they break barriers and make history during the annual Pull for Pride. Participants will uplift and support LGBTQ communities around the country by lifting as much weight as they can. For each pound the athlete plans to lift, they pledge to raise $1 for a nonprofit in their community that provides direct support to LGBTQ communities. Last year, Women’s Strength Coalition raised over $120,000 with Pull For Pride, including Richmond’s event, and this year efforts will be even stronger.


Registration opened on March 1, so hurry and register before it sells out and start working on your deadlifts! To register, donate or for information on how you can be a sponsor of the event, please go to www.PullForPride.com

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