Broken Dream and Broken Promises

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It’s done. They blew it.


The Washington Redskins lost to the Dallas Cowboys, 14-38. They botched the game by failing to show up to the biggest game of the season. The Washington Redskins can wave goodbye to any chance of making the playoffs this season.


The Redskins are not an appalling team. They could compete against the best of them and win, as we witnessed earlier in the season. The Redskins were just afflicted with injury after injury.


The team’s energy for the past couple of weeks has been nothing but positive and infectious. They have been keeping their heads up high during all of these injuries but unfortunately, as witnessed, Thursday night it finally caught up to them.


It started with Jamison Crowder dropping a pass for first and goal, which turned into a Cowboy interception. Crowder also fumbled the ball during a punt return.


Kirk Cousins certainly did not play his best game with two interceptions and a fumble. The Washington Redskins turned over the ball a total of four times during this vital game.


The Redskins did not show up with the same hype or attitude as they normally do for this imperative game. The poor fans of this distressed team are suffering from a broken dream and promise. The hope to make the playoffs was a strong and exhilarating feeling. It has now vanished as well as any hope for the playoffs.

Madeline Head

Sports Editor – Richmond 2day

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