Rep. Brat Announces Support of Rep. Lamar Smith for Legislation Address Family Separations at Border

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Posted by Brandon Jarvis

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Dave Brat announced today the support of Rep. Lamar Smith, former House Judiciary Committee Chairman and former Chairman of the Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security, for his legislation that would unite parents and children arriving at the border, H.R. 6195. This legislation is companion to the popular Senate bill Sen. Cruz introduced on June 19th.


“Thanks to Congressman Dave Brat for taking the initiative to address the crisis on our southern border. Immigration judges are overwhelmed by backlogs,” said Rep. Smith. “Rep. Brat’s bill doubles the number of immigration judges, which is greatly needed. The legislation also enables immigrant families to stay together during their immigration proceedings. This codifies the Administration’s proposed policy to keep families united while immigration laws are enforced. Congressman Brat’s efforts on immigration issues are much appreciated.”


“I sincerely appreciate Rep. Lamar Smith’s recognition and the weight that his endorsement brings to this urgent piece of legislation,” said Rep. Brat. “Rep. Smith is a very senior member of the House and a national leader on the issue of immigration. As a member from a border state, Rep. Smith knows better than most about what goes on at our southern border. I am grateful he has lent his support to H.R. 6195 – a bill that would fully address the pressing issue of keeping families together.”

Congressman Brat’s press release announcing his introduction of H.R. 6195 here.


The text of Congressman Brat’s legislation (H.R. 6195) is here.


Just like Sen. Cruz’s Protect Kids and Parents Act, Rep. Brat’s House companion legislation would:

·      Double the number of federal immigration judges, from roughly 375 to 750.

·      Authorize new temporary shelters, with accommodations to keep families together.

·      Mandate that illegal immigrant families must be kept together, absent aggravated criminal conduct or threat of harm to the children.

·      Provide for expedited processing and review of asylum cases, so that—within 14 days—those who meet the legal standards will be granted asylum, and those who do not will be immediately returned to their home countries.


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