Richmond 2Day is Endorsing Abigail Spanberger for the Democratic Nomination for the House of Representatives’ 7th district

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By Richmond 2Day

The 7th House district in Virginia is typically a Republican stronghold – but in the past few months, multiple election prediction and analysis sites have downgraded the probability of Dave Brat (R) being re-elected. With the ‘Blue Wave’ encompassing historically Republican districts in Virginia during the 2017 state elections, it isn’t out of the realm to expect more Democratic wins in a typically-red territory.

“Spanberger is an example of the new class of Democratic challengers.”

– Inside Elections Evaluation, 10/27/17

Multiple qualified candidates continue to campaign for the Democratic nomination to face Dave Brat (R) later this year. Abigail Spanberger is the candidate that we believe can do the most good serving as Virginia’s 7th district United States House of Representative.

Spanberger has previously served the public as an operations officer at the C.I.A. traveling the world, collecting intelligence, and managing assets. Before that she was a federal law enforcement officer working narcotics and money laundering cases with the US Postal Inspection Service. She left her public service career in 2014 and moved back home to Glen Allen with her family.

We met her for the first time back in August. One of the topics that we discussed is her availability to her constituents if she were to be elected.

If elected my priority would be to make sure that I am listening to people across this district. This is a very mixed district as far as Democrats, Republicans, or Independents. I personally feel that elected officials have a responsibility to answer to all of his or her constituents to make sure it is known why they vote the way they do. I would want to hold more frequent town halls, I would begin holding town halls before even being sworn in to make sure that when I head to congress it would be with the knowledge of the things that are important to my constituents.” – Abigail Spanberger

Jack Trammell, the former 2014 candidate Endorses Abigail Spanberger

Spanberger’s campaign began back in July, they came out of the gate strong with big fundraising numbers. The following is a press release from early October –  “Abigail Spanberger, a former CIA operations officer and current Democratic candidate in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, announced today that she has raised more than $243,000 from mostly Virginians in her first quarter challenging Rep. Dave Brat. This initial, early support demonstrates the incredible momentum of her campaign and highlights her strong ties to the community. Spanberger collected more than 900 individual contributions, and more than 70% of Spanberger’s donors are Virginians, with the greatest concentration in Central Virginia.”

50% the people who have donated to her campaign live within the 7th District, 75% of donations come from people that live in Virginia, and 66% of donations have been $100 or less.

Spanberger was on MSNBC in October to discuss Health care and her experience with the C.I.A.

“Abigail spoke about the lingering effect on the divide between people that are civilians and ones that are service members. “So much rhetoric is coming out of Washington and it truly is divisive.” She continues to address the politicization of problems that should not be partisan issues, “Issues are becoming political issues that really shouldn’t be.”

Spanberger Statement on Rep. Dave Brat’s Final Vote for the GOP Tax Plan

Abigail was featured alongside other influential women on the Cover of TIME Magazine – it was for an article titled “The Avengers,” – which is a profile on women running for office across the country. The TIME article features the Spanberger candidacy as one of the  “Top Ten Races to Watch”.



Dave Brat has been facing increasing opposition from constituents in his district. A superPac called VA7thforProgress recently raised money to pay for an anti-Brat billboard. It is no longer a secret that Brat’s job is in jeopardy. He recently spoke at a Henrico NAACP meeting and appeared intimidated while speaking to the members – one of those listening in the crowd being Spanberger. Brat went off onto a tangent early in his speech to address people not believing his response that he did not know who Richard Spencer was before the deadly Charlottesville rally. “Test me on that, if you want to test me, any political competitor, I’ll take a lie-detector test, right? And lets put the election on the outcome of that lie-detector test. I like solving things in a practical way, If I can stick my finger in that machine, and say do you know who this guy is, and I’ll say no, and that machine will go… true! And that’s the competition right there, that’s how I like to do things.”

I think Brat is scared of Abigail Spanberger, as he should be. We are endorsing Abigail and we believe she has the best chance to defeat the incumbent. 2017 was a wild year for the Virginia politics, we not expecting anything different in 2018.

“The partisanship of the district makes this a diffcult race for any Democrat, but Spanberger looks like the type of serious candidate who could give Brat fits, and she could be in place if an anti-Republican wave develops.” – Inside Elections Evaluation, 10/27/17

Other Spanberger information:


7th District Geography


The district stretches from the west end of Richmond and its suburbs in Henrico and portions of Chesterfield Counties, through Orange, Culpeper and northward to Page and Rappahannock Counties. Its current configuration dates from 1993, when Virginia was forced to create a majority-minority district by a Justice Departmentdirective. At that time, most of Richmond, which had been entirely in the old 3rd District for over a century, was shifted to a newly created 3rd District. The remaining territory in the old 3rd was combined with some more rural areas to the north to form the new 7th District.

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