Richmond announces new emergency live web feed system

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The same day that the public no longer has access to the police scanner, the City of Richmond announces a new web-based live feed that lists all of the emergency calls happening in the city. Check out the info below.

“As of July 2, police, fire and public works events are listed on the Department of Emergency Communications website at

The automated, live feed lists emergency events that have been reported to the Richmond Department of Emergency Communications through calls and text messages to 911.

Events are entered in the computer-aided dispatch system by 911 communications officers and are automatically displayed in the feed. The webpage refreshes every 45 seconds. The events will remain active on the website feed until they have been closed by the departments that are handling them.

The feed is being provided by the Richmond Department of Emergency Communications as an alternative to police radio transmissions. The chief law enforcement officers of Chesterfield, Henrico and Richmond begin encrypting police radio frequencies as of July 2, so that only authorized public safety personnel can monitor them.


For inquiries about the calls and texts for service to 911, please contact the Richmond Department of Emergency Communications. For inquiries and more information about the individual events, please contact the respective department: Richmond Police Department, Richmond Fire Department and the Richmond Department of Public Works.”


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