A Richmond Families Home Was Broken Into & Robbed

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When it should be a time of cheer, a Richmond family says they are hoping for a Christmas miracle.

“Four or five tablets, all of the kids Christmas gifts we purchase,” said a member of the family who wishes not to be identified. “I mean, they took everything in the broad daylight.”

Last Monday, the family came home to their front door wide open, flipped over couches, even going through their fridge, and leaving all of their rooms ransacked.

“Sad, we work hard. We just moved here,” a family member said.

Thieves took several game consoles, TVs and all of the presents their young children were supposed to open on Christmas Day.

“There’s always somebody that’s not gonna be here a majority of the time,” said another family member. “They were to be here by themselves and then somebody came in, what would have happened then.”

They are now searching for a new place to live, without a plan to replace their stolen items, and hoping others will be cautious by sharing their story, which you can find here.

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