Richmond police are bringing back the ‘steady blue lights’

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Posted by Brandon Jarvis

Starting July 1, Richmond Police Department patrol vehicles will once again display steady blue lights on the light bars of the vehicles.


Chief Alfred Durham has re-instituted the policy in response to the Virginia General Assembly’s action to allow the blue lights. In this year’s session the body amended a law involving the colored lights permitted on emergency vehicles to allow the steady display of blue lights on police vehicles. Chief Durham briefly launched the blue light policy when he became the Department’s police chief in 2015.


“These blue lights are a great way for our officers to be visible in the neighborhoods they serve,” Chief Alfred Durham said. “When the public sees these steady blue lights they’ll know our patrol officers are in their communities serving and protecting the public. These steady blue lights are not a signal for drivers to stop – but please pull over, as usual, for flashing lights. I thank the General Assembly for amending the law to allow these blue beacons of community policing to once again shine across our city.”

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