Richmond Police Issue No Parking Advisory for the Possible September 16 Assembly

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Posted by Brandon Jarvis

Two separate groups with different causes may rally along Monument Avenue on Sept. 16, and the possibility of the unexpected has led to the cancellation of some previously scheduled events in the city of Richmond.

One group, Indivisible Richmond, first organized in response to a pro-monument rally previously scheduled for Sept. 16. The event, called “Fight White Supremacy,” has not itself been canceled, though a contact for the event declined to say on record at this point whether the event is scheduled or not, and said they have not released many details due to safety concerns.

Another group,  CSA II: The New Confederate States of America, led by out-of-towners Tom and Judy Crompton and Tara Brandau, plan to host a “Heritage not Hate” rally at the Robert E. Lee Monument.

There will be no parking zones on several streets due to possible assemblies this weekend.


Monument Avenue

NO PARKING zones will be designated beginning at 9 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 15 to 11 p.m.Saturday for the following roads:


  • Monument Avenue between North Lombardy Street and North Meadow Street
  • North Allen Avenue between West Grace Street and Park Avenue
  • West Grace Street westbound between North Allen Avenue and North Lombardy Street
  • West Grace Street east bound between North Allen Avenue and North Meadow Street


Maps will also be posted on the Richmond Police Department website.

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