Richmond Police issued a statement on Saturday’s protest

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Posted by Brandon Jarvis

The Richmond Police Department would like to thank everyone involved in yesterday’s assemblies along Monument Avenue: our law enforcement partners both local, state and federal; other city agencies and especially Richmond residents and those who showed up to peacefully demonstrate. 

“I think many people heeded our advice and stayed home,” said RPD Chief Alfred Durham. “And those who did show up were provided with safe spaces to express their opinions thanks to the skill and professionalism of the officers who were on-post. I can’t thank them enough. It was an A+ effort.”


There were no accidents, no injuries and only seven arrests yesterday. Barricades were taken down, no-parking restrictions lifted and all streets were reopened hours earlier than anticipated so as not to further inconvenience the residents. Crowds at any given time throughout the day never exceeded more than a few hundred participants.


“Our greatest fear was the fear of the unknown,” said Chief Durham. “We had to plan for a lot of possible scenarios which, fortunately, didn’t materialize. I am especially pleased with the help our government partners offered at every step of the planning process and then showed up this weekend in force. We owe them a great debt of gratitude.”


The assembly areas were quiet overnight and again today. Staffing levels have been reduced but additional patrols will continue for the time-being.


“We are not letting our guard down,” said Chief Durham. “We will continue to monitor those groups who are attempting to bring violence to our city. We will remain vigilant. It’s all about presence and action.”

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