Richmond School Board votes to change J.E.B. Stuart Elementary’s name to Barack Obama Elementary

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Posted by Brandon Jarvis

Richmond’s School Board met on Monday night and one of the top items on the agenda was renaming J.E.B. Elementary. The new name of the school is now: Barack Obama Elementary School

We found out earlier in the day that students at the school voted on a list of 7 new names: Barack Obama Elementary, Northside Elementary, Wishtree Elementary, Henry Marsh Elementary, Albert Norrell Elementary, Barbara Johns Elementary, and Oliver Hill Elementary.

The top 3 names to come out of the student votes were Northside, Barack Obama, and Wishing Tree.

Kenya Gibson asked for the vote to be postponed. She hinted that there is not a local person listed on the final list of names and says that indicates we failed teaching our students local stories. Superintendent Kamras said he supports the deferring the vote, and asked for more guidance from the Board moving forward.

Check back with us for more updates on the story.

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