Richmond’s Smyth Knight is already rapping beyond his years

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By Brandon Jarvis

Smyth Knight and his mother fled his hometown of Atlanta to escape domestic violence and they landed in Richmond. 15 years later, Smyth is still here and trying to fight his way onto the hip hop scene. “Around sixth grade I listened to Eminem’s “The Marshall Mathers LP2” after seeing the “Rap God” video and that launched me into a world I never knew.” 


Smyth says he found refuge in the lyrics and he started repeating different flows that he heard. 2 years after first hearing “Rap God”, Smyth began writing his own lyrics. Years later he puts out his first song “Reroute” in the summer of 2017 over a Danny Brown beat. “I found the Danny Brown “Really Doe” Instrumental and before I had even heard the original song I had wrote and recorded my own flip on it.” His first song hitting 6,000 views in the first month was the encouragement he needed: “It opened my eyes to what I was capable of and made me go even harder in my creative process.”

“Reroute” has over 8,000 listens as of today, with another popular Smyth Knight song “Stay Wavy” racking up over 5,000 listens on Soundcloud 


Smyth is rapping with a presence that you don’t normally witness from a 16-year-old. He isn’t signed, but he’s apart of a music collective called IMMORTAL/MTM which stands for “I Make My Own Reasons To Always Live” and “More Than Music.”

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