Rodney Willett Commends Special Session for Action on Gun Safety

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Press Release:

Henrico – Democratic candidate for Houseof Delegates District 73 Rodney Willett today commends the calling of a special Session to address gun violence prevention.

Mr Willett said, “Common sense gun safety measures are long overdue. We needed to act before 12 innocents were slaughtered in VA Beach. Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, we call for gun safety measures, nothing happens and people die. Instead of more funerals and vigils and the the tragic grief of family members, we need to act.

“The vast majority of Americans and Virginians want to see common sense reasonable gun violence prevention. This Special Session is a good place to start. And I can assure you, that if there is still work to be done to keep Virginians safe when I get to the General Assembly, I am ready to do it. We cannot continue to have these senseless horrific massacre

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