RPS Board Member Announced His Candidacy For VA House of Delegates

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Jeff Bourne recently greeted students on their first day back after winter break with the new Richmond Mayor, Levar Stoney. He talked about looking forward to a promising relationship between the Mayor, City Council, and School Board. Bourne is the only incumbent left on the board of nine.



Bourne announced today that he will run for the 71st House of Delegates seat that became vacant when Del. Jennifer McClellan was elected yesterday to the Virginia Senate. McClellan is taking office after a special election held Tuesday chose her to replace long-term Richmond Senator Donald McEachin who just left his seat in the 9th District for the US House of Representatives.


The School Board is currently in a state of transition that could have used at least one experienced face.  If only to help the new members wade through all of the problems they’re facing and then move to find solutions.  I am not here claiming that he is a shoe in to win the election, or that he has ill intentions by any means.  I do understand him wanting to further his career in politics and move to the state level, but I don’t really appreciate the method he went about it.  I am not naive to politics and the methods that candidates have to practice to succeed.  It is just unfortunate that in a time of positivity and promise, the only incumbent on the School Board will be focusing on his campaign and not the job he was elected to do two months ago.



This is not a reflection on my opinion of Bourne’s character, nor do I think that he is a bad person.  The only person that looks out for you is yourself.  He is taking a risk for his career and I respect the chance he is taking.  I wish you luck Mr. Bourne, truly.


Brandon Jarvis


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