Sammy Adams @ The Broadberry 1/24

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Posted by Brandon Jarvis

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Sammy Adams @ The Broadberry in Richmond, United States
Tuesday, January 24, 2017, 7:00 PM
The Broadberry
2729 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA
Sammy Adams Wisner, that’s right his last name is actually Wisner, was born on August 14th 1987. Sammy is a Boston born rapper.
  • His musical life began at just aged 7 when he started playing piano, but many moons later Sammy has ditched the classical Beethoven symphony and entered the underworld of rap music.

    2010 was Sammy’s ground-breaking year. His debut album, fittingly titled ‘Boston’s Boy’ nearly sent iTunes into a breakdown as it smashed the Hip-Hop charts. This was down to the fundamental success of the single ‘Driving Me Crazy.’ But Sammy also remixed plenty of covers and this all tallied up and sent Sammy number 1 in the iTunes chart. His lyrics were fun and his beats were catchy, simple but affective. It worked, fans were loving Sammy’s tunes but it did take the Boston boy some time to follow up his debut album with a scorching second record.

    Homecoming, slightly stolen from Kanye possibly was released in 2013 and didn’t do as well as his debut album. However hard-core fans are still turning up to live shows and watching him rap night after night.

    His music is more poppy then other rap music. It sounds a lot like a more Boston produced Macklemore, more light hearted. Dappy could even be linked to Sammy Adams, don’t know if he would be happy with that but the music is there to suggest it.

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