Scott Miles speaks on efforts to help drug offenders

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CHESTERFIELD, VA – Scott Miles, Commonwealth’s Attorney for Chesterfield County, spoke in front of the Chesterfield Re-entry Council in regards to the drug diversion program being implemented by his office.

The Chesterfield Re-entry Council works to “empower returning citizens in overcoming barriers by: collaborating within communities, identifying a network of resource and service partners, increasing knowledge of opportunities, and redefining negative perceptions, which will foster a safer community and inspire positive change.”

Miles spoke on the positive effects of the Council after the meeting: “We in the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office want people who return to our community after having served a sentence to have access to resources and developed skills that will allow them to raise their children, hold jobs, and do all the things that healthy, successful people do.”  

The next meeting of the Council will be July 16, at 2:00 PM in the

Eanes Pittman Training Center.

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