Senate denies driving privileges to immigrants for the 4th year straight

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By New Virginia Majority:

While disappointed that Senate Bill 1740 failed to report out of Senate Transportation committee today, we are grateful for the support of Sen. Jennifer Boysko and Sen. Scott Surovell who have worked with New Virginia Majority and other stakeholders in this fight, for many years. This is the fourth year we have brought forward this legislation. Around fifty community members from as far as the Eastern Shore, traveled to Richmond today in support of SB 1740. While today did not secure the justice we sought, we believe that all the years of hard work we have done will manifest very soon. Thank you to the bill sponsors, advocates, and community members that have shown up to every legislative session to drive Virginia forward, leaving no one behind.

Esther, member, New Virginia Majority 

I am very disappointed that HB 2025 did not advance out of committee today. In Virginia, driver’s licenses are a privilege, but it is a necessary one. Driving without fear will give my family, and many others, basic human dignity. With no dependable public transportation where I live, doing simple errands is either impossible or takes many hours. Denying immigrants access to driving not only hurts us, it hurts our families. Thank you, Sen. Boysko for always standing with us on this important issue. We will continue to unite as a community and advocate for drivers licenses until we win.

Tram Nguyen, Co-Executive Director, New Virginia Majority

Making driving privileges more accessible for all Virginians is long overdue. Virginia could have become a leader today by passing legislation to grant driving privileges to all Virginians, regardless of their immigration status, but instead some leaders voted against it. Wider access to a driver’s license will allow over 200,000 Virginians the opportunity to get to work, take their kids to school, go to church, or take care of a loved one during an emergency without fear. We know that there isn’t a good reason for the right to drive to be tied to citizenship and it is our hope that future legislators will embrace this truth going forward.

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