Small ball IU taking on No. 1 Blue Devils

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“We just have heart,” the 6-foot-11 freshmen, Marvin Bagley III, stated. “That’s pretty much all it is.” Bagley’s comment is in reference to the Blue Devils comeback victory over of the Florida Gators.  The team sure seems to be working hard to obtain these epic comeback wins though.


This Wednesday night we have a pretty interesting match up in the Indiana Hoosiers versus Duke and the Blue Devils. IU is coming off a perfect week and life is looking pretty good for the 4-2 Hoosiers. Of course, No. 1, now unanimous, Duke is undefeated and working hard to remain so.


This will be IU’S first experience, this season, of some big-basketball. This game will be an exciting test of skill, ability, and talent. We will finally get to see what the Hoosiers are actually capable of.

Do not write them off just quite yet. The Indiana Hoosiers have some impressive talent waiting to be unleashed.


Aspects to watch out for when it comes to the Indiana Hoosiers.


  • Juwan Morgan is ranking up the points with averaging, in the past three games, a respectable 16.7 points and 7.3 rebounds per game.
  • Al Durham the impressive freshmen point guard who has played at least 167 minutes this season, which breaks down to 28 minutes per game. He has only turned over the ball twice and that has not been in the last two weeks. He is showing phenomenal ball security and guard depth.
  • It is safe to say, at this moment, IU has a pretty effective offensive unit right now. If we breakdown the numbers the Hoosiers are top-75 nationally, as reported by Ken Pomeroy, in free-throw rate, offensive rebounding percentage, effective field goal percentage and 2 point field goals percentage. What this all means is that the Hoosiers are making smart and solid shots as well as plays.


Just like Duke, the Hoosiers have been playing with some serious grit. The team is relatively young but the team is showing a maturity and poise that even most seasoned teams do not.


No. 1 Duke (8-0) seems to be quite the threat though. The Indiana Hoosiers definitely have their work cut out for them. Just a friendly reminder, the No. 1 team in the country has had to rally in late performances like in the in their victory versus Texas as well as the Gators. This either shows that they might have a weakness or that they are still just getting into the swings of things.


The best aspect of college basketball is that anything can happen and Wednesday night we might just witness that.

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