Some of the unforgettable moments of UVA’s basketball’s 2017-2018 season

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The University of Virginia’s 2017-2018 mens basketball season was one for the ages, and also one that fans want to forget. A team that looked poised to be unmatched in March and April, ended up making history by losing so early in the tournament. Regardless of fandom, you have to respect that this team did WORK during the regular season. Streaking the Lawn put together a great breakdown of the the best and worst moments of the season. Check out some of the highlights below:

Best drought-ender

Best rally

Best dunks

Worst gut-punch

“As bitter of a pill to swallow as the UMBC game was due to the finality and the historical implications attached, there was something about the February 10 loss to the Virginia Tech Hokies that stung in a way that’s rare for a regular season loss. Certainly, the belief that a first No. 1 ranking in 35 years had been forfeited was killer — even if that didn’t ultimately come to pass.”

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