Spanberger announced the endorsement of the Virginia Education Association

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The Spanberger campaign announced another endorsement today. Check it out below:


RICHMOND, VA — The Virginia Education Association (VEA), which represents more than 40,000 active and retired public school teachers in the Commonwealth, today enthusiastically endorsed Abigail Spanberger’s candidacy for the U.S House of Representatives in Virginia’s 7th District. The endorsement was made through the VEA Fund for Children and Public Education, its political action committee, on behalf of the approximately 3,700 active and retired public school teachers and school staff who live or teach in the 7th district.

“Our members proudly support Abigail Spanberger because she is deeply committed to our public schools, the children who attend them, and the educators who serve them so capably,” said VEA President Jim Livingston. “She has clearly demonstrated to us her genuine interest in and ability to work with people of diverse views and backgrounds to find practical, common-sense solutions on important education issues facing the Commonwealth’s students.”

“I believe deeply in the transformative power of public education and I’m proud to have the support of the educators in the VEA who feel the same,” said Spanberger. “I will advocate for and work with the Virginia Education Association to strengthen our public education system and make sure that we are making smart, strategic investments that will pave the way to successful outcomes for generations to come.”

One thought on “Spanberger announced the endorsement of the Virginia Education Association

  • October 26, 2018 at 12:03 am

    She is awesome on healthcare, too:

    7th District CONSTITUENTS, You have a choice in healthcare Nov 6th. VOTE like your health depends on it—‘Cause it does! 😇

    Do you even know what healthcare policies Dave Brat stands for? Abagail SPANBERGER?


    Btw-Healthcare is polling as the # ONE issue this year!

    (Plz google to verify independently the following.)

    Abagail Spanberger supports Medicare X -similar to safety nets SS/Medicare (senior health insurance) you are already familiar with 👌.

    Under Medicare X, you could buy into Medicare no matter what your age.

    Medicare X is NOT universal healthcare as Brat’s TV ads claim.

    It is a public option that you could VOLUNTARILY buy on the exchanges!

    Since you pay premiums it would NOT touch the Medicare Trust Fund or harm Medicare’s solvency.

    You would have much lower premiums and NO deductibles 🙏😍

    Uber wealthy People who hate and do not need SS and other safety nets —are also expressing hate for Medicare X.

    But for the poor, Middle, and upper-middle classes —MEDICARE X would be affordable healthcare for anyone who CHOSE to buy into it.

    It has lower overhead than private insurers like Anthem, as Medicare X does not pay out HUGE CEO bonuses like Anthem does. AND no shareholder payouts of profits, or costly TV ads and fancy PR.

    Anthem and United Healthcare would have to compete w/ the much lower overhead of Medicare X.🙀

    RURAL areas would see a rollout first of Medicare X as there is little competition on Rural-area ACA Exchanges, and rural hospitals are struggling 👳‍♂️

    BUT Dave says no.😡

    His answer is High-deductible Health Savings Accounts where you save for your OWN medical care, like you save for your pension in a 401K.💰💰💰💰💰💰

    Don’t take my word for this—Plz google it!

    He co-sponsored a bill that would allow families to save EACH YEAR up to $18 GRAND tax free for medical care.

    How many folks in the 7th District have that kinda jack to stash in a health account? Each year!

    HSAs help rich people avoid taxes instead of paying their fair share for the military/interstates/national electric grid/National Parks/CDC, safety nets, etc

    Dave Brat also favors cheap, “skimpy” plans that do NOT have have to cover the 10 Essential Benefits Of Obamacare—ER care, cancer care, prescription drug coverage, etc. 😷😪

    These “Skimpy” insurance plans will not have to cover PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS 😌 GOOGLE THAT, PLZ.

    Brat’s plans are a little cheaper—but could leave you high and dry and unprotected financially if you got in a car accident, or got leukemia, or testicular cancer (often young people’s cancers ) 😌

    VOTERS choose your option:

    Dave’s High-deductible HEALTH SAVINGS ACCTS ☠️, and “Skimpy” insurance plans that may not cover pre-existing conditions or certain illnesses/accidents!

    Or Abagail’s affordable, low-overhead MEDICARE X that includes all 10 Essential Benefits you need to stay healthy.😎

    CONSTITUENTS-PULEEZ vote accordingly NOVEMBER 6 🌟💫🎈


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