Spanberger Statement on Rep. Dave Brat’s Final Vote for the GOP Tax Plan

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GLEN ALLEN, VA — Abigail Spanberger, Democratic candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 7th district and former CIA operations officer, released the following statement about passage of the GOP tax bill:

“The tax bill Congress just passed is dangerous and fiscally irresponsible. We need comprehensive tax reform, but this bill gives corporations a huge, permanent tax cut that is paid for by hiking taxes on many middle class families, adding more than a trillion dollars to our national debt, while undermining our health insurance system in ways that will result in average families paying more for health care.

“What Rep. Dave Brat and his colleagues have passed is a permanent handout to large corporations that puts Social Security and Medicare at risk. They’ve chosen to further destabilize our health care system by repealing the individual mandate — a decision that would result in more than 28,000 residents in the 7th district losing health care by 2025.

“The rushed and partisan process through which this bill passed is shameful and not representative of the care and consideration major legislation deserves before becoming law. We need representatives who take the time to understand the real impacts decisions like this have on our communities. Ultimately, this tax bill will only leave a ballooning deficit that our children must deal with in the future.

“Rep. Dave Brat ran for Congress on the promise of fighting the influence of corporate lobbyists and addressing the national debt. We must hold him accountable for breaking that promise.”

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