Susan Hippen Receives Endorsement from #VOTEPROCHOICE

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Press Release:

Susan Hippen, community leader and activist, today received the endorsement of #VOTEPROCHOICE, an organization dedicated to fighting for opportunities for women all over the country.

Susan said, “I’m so grateful that #VOTEPROCHOICE has chosen to endorse my campaign. They understand the struggles women face all over the country to maintain control over their own bodies, and they know I will be proud to lead the fight with them here in Virginia.”

Susan said that the endorsement from #VOTEPROCHOICE is a vote of confidence in the aggressive field operation her team has put together.

“Unapologetic pro-choice champions in Virginia have faced death threats, hateful remarks, and the scorn of anti-choice President Donald Trump. On primary day, Virginia’s voters must stand with their pro-choice champions and vote pro-choice up and down the ballot—and that’s why #VOTEPROCHOICE is proud to endorse Susan Hippen for Virginia State Senate in District 7. Hippen is a pro-choice champion who is unafraid to stand up and challenge the nation’s conservative, anti-choice minority—and we need strong leaders like her in Virginia’s State Senate,” said #VOTEPROCHOICE co-founder Heidi L. Sieck.

“It’s time for Virginia’s prochoice majority to show their true power, vote en mass to take back the state legislature, and protect our constitutional right to reproductive freedom. Virginia’s pro-choice voters must flood the primary like their lives depend on it—because they do.”

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