‘The Basics’ Initiative Comes to Chesterfield

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RVA Basics encourages healthy brain development in young children with five fun and simple tasks


CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA — Eighty percent of brain growth happens during the first three years of life. RVA Basics, a new initiative coming to Chesterfield, wants to make the most of that time and help kids get their best start in life. It focuses on five simple tasks for parents or caregivers to do that are designed to encourage healthy development:

  • Maximize Love, Minimize Stress
  • Talk, Sing, and Point
  • Count, Group, and Compare
  • Explore through Movement and Play
  • Read and Discuss Stories


Each of these tasks encourage brain development in children aged 0-3 in specific ways, through simple activities that develop a sense of security, self-control and confident thinking. By building these critical foundations for cognitive skills, lifelong benefits associated with both academic learning and the development of social and emotional skills can be achieved.


Visit rva.thebasics.org for more information, as well as tips on how to incorporate the five principles into you and your child’s daily activities.


“Chesterfield County is thrilled have so many agencies partnering to bring the RVA Basics initiative to our locality,” said Melissa Ackley, prevention services manager. “We can’t wait to see the impact it will have on the children and families in our community.”


RVA Basics originated from the Boston Basics, developed by Ronald Ferguson at Harvard’s Achievement Gap. The Basics Campaign has spread to 11 different cities, and now metro Richmond joins that list.

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