The GOP is now the party of 1 percenters and Ayn Rand

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To the Editor:

The GOP is now the party of 1 percenters and Ayn Rand.  They are promoters of deficits, anti-environmentalism, repealing ACA, and cutting Social Programs.  They speak in untruths.  We were told this tax bill would be the greatest, that it would bring dollars back, jobs, higher wages, and growth.  Be simpler.  Yet, it gives the majority of the cuts to the top 1%, adds $1.5-$2 trillion to the debt, higher rates for some, undermines healthcare and the environment, permanent cuts for corporations and temporary cuts for individuals.  It brings confusion, claims and counter claims.  It’s been voted for by some who have not read its 1000 pages or don’t understand it.  They may have given Jane $50 more a week, a temporary sugar high of chump change, but they gave millions permanently to corporations.  It’s as though, “he who dies with the most $$$ wins.”  It does not address a living wage, the lack of wage increases when earnings for the rich are increasing, the increasing disparity in earnings or the lower tax rate for “carried interest” earners.  Where’s funding for infrastructure?  Looming costs for Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid?  What will Republicans do when US debt balloons from $20 to $50 trillion and our economy tanks?  Cut social programs?  The military?   Discretionary spending?  Make you work till you’re 76?  I will now, contribute to candidates who will reverse this abomination.  Elected officials must be for all Americans, for improving what previous ones have done, not destroying and lining their pockets or their campaign contributors.

Walter Moore


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