The latest statement from Meredith Watson

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Meredith Watson, the woman that has accused Lt Governor of raping her at Duke nearly 20 years ago released a statement calling out Fairfax for his response.

Fairfax has vehemently denied the accusations, but he is facing increasing pressure to leave. The majority of his staff quit today and nearly every Democrat has called for his resignation.

The statement from Watson is below:

In Response to Recent Developments


After Dr. Vanessa Tyson and Meredith Watson reported that Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax raped them, Fairfax said he wanted “due process”. Impeachment hearings would have provided just that.  It turns out that Mr. Fairfax does not want due process; he wants to assault the character of his victims in secret, not in public, and certainly not under oath. Meredith Watson asks the Virginia Legislature to hold hearings, regardless of what they are called, and to reject a secret and delayed proceeding. Both victims of his sexual assault have agreed to testify and they will produce witnesses and documents to show their honesty and good character.  Please do not allow these women to be further victimized by delay and defamation.


–          Nancy Erika Smith, Attorney for Meredith Watson

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