The LWCC delivered ‘Gunimals’ to the General Assembly

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By Brandon Jarvis 

Members of the Liberal Women of Chesterfield County delivered ‘Gunimals’ to every member of the General Assembly as a direct response to a prominent gun lobbyists in Virginia.

For over 20 years, the Virginia Citizens Defense League has lobbied the General Assembly to expand gun rights and fought every attempt at gun reform.

The Leader of the VCDL, Philip Van Cleave, was recently pranked by Sacha Baron Cohen. In Cohen’s Showtime series ‘Who is America’, he convinced Van Cleave that he was an “Israeli security expert’. Cohen’s character convinced Van Cleave to film a training video that taught 3-year-olds how to shoot guns.

While promoting a fake line of toys called “Gunimals”, Van Cleave and Cohen’s character sang instructions that taught kids how to load and fire both automatic and semi-automatic weapons, using guns with stuffed animals covering them.

Members of LWCC said the VCDL is only working to advance their radical agenda. “This ludicrous video is a sterling example of how the VCDL consistently ignores medical and federal research, willfully devalues the expertise of law enforcement, doctors and educators.”

LWCC finished with asking legislators if they want to side with teachers, parents, physicians, clergy and law enforcement, or the VCDL and ‘Gunimals’, the fake toy line that the leader of the VCDL believed was an actual gun-training program for 3-year-olds.

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