The ‘Pill Bandit’ Robbed Multiple Walgreens in Central VA

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He’s been named “the pill bandit” after robbing two area Walgreens over the past few weeks and he is still on the run.

The Walgreens were in Colonial Heights and Petersburg and, in both cases, the man said he had a weapon.

At the Petersburg store, the man made off with more than 700 pills. Both of these robberies were caught on camera and police are hoping by releasing the video it will lead them to a suspect.

In both cases the man walks in walks around the store even speaks with the cashier at the Colonial Heights location. But then heads to the back pharmacy and makes his demands known.

The Colonial Heights location on the Boulevard was hit on Nov. 18. The video shows the worker scurrying to pull the pills and put them in the man’s bag.

The man then rushes off before he is seen leaving the store. Colonial Heights Police believe he left the scene in a car parked next door at a nearby bank.

His robbery on Dec. 6 was a little bit different — he did not show a weapon but did threaten to have a weapon. This time, he struck at the Walgreens in Petersburg off South Crater Road.

In this robbery, he asked for a specific type of pills specific gram dosage. Police believe that “he knew what he was looking for.”

Police say the pills cost thousands of dollars for the pharmacy but the street value could be double or triple the actual worth.

Police say they have followed leads but most of them have been dead ends. If you know anything you are asked to give them a call.

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