The ‘Soul Patch Bandit’ Has Been Caught In Petersburg

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A bank thief that is now known as the “Soul Patch Bandit” by the FBI and police in Central Virginia has been arrested in Petersburg.

Peterburg’s Police Chief William Rohde says the suspect — whose name has not yet been released — was caught just after he robbed the Wells Fargo on South Crater Road on Tuesday.

The chief says he’s been informed that the suspect is wanted for a murder in Newport News.

Police say they were alerted that the suspect was in the Wells Fargo and had set up a perimeter to wait for him to exit. Two detectives tackled him in the parking lot.

While tackling the suspect, police say a gun fell out of his pants. He also had money and a note.

The suspect was wanted for a string of bank robberies in the past month in Central Virginia, including a robbery in Nov. 14 at Henrico and at a bank in Colonial Heights on Nov. 7.

He’s also suspected of robbing a Wells Fargo in Mechanicsville.

There was a reward of up to $10,000 for tips leading to the Soul Patch Bandit’s arrest.

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