Time to Sing Corey Stewart’s Swan Song in Prince William County

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By Kenny Boddye

Kenny is a guest writer for R2D, he is also a candidate for the Prince William Board of Supervisors.

Corey Stewart — the Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors — has really put our county on the map… but in some of the worst ways possible. From stumping for Roy Moore, to buddying up with Jason Kessler before the Unite the Right Hate Rally in Charlottesville, to defending Confederate Monuments while posing with Confederate flags, he has established himself as someone even the Republican Party can’t wait to get rid of. He’s also spent the last two years running for statewide office — first for Governor last year, and recently, U.S. Senate — that I’m surprised he even knows where our county is!

And next year, we have the chance to finally retire him from public office for good.

2019 brings forth a whole slew of local elections — County Board, School Board, State House, State Senate, Sheriff, Soil & Water Commission, and Commonwealth’s Attorney (think DA.) That means Corey’s seat is up for grabs, and the electoral wins aren’t exactly in his favor. In the last 3 elections, statewide Democrats have carried the entire county by large margins!



2017: (also the year our county ousted 5 entrenched Republican State Reps with 5 dynamic Democrats including Danica Roem!)


And… 2018. Ouch Corey:


Times have changed, and we’ve already lined up almost a full slate of candidates to take Corey and his county regime down next year. We’ve got Josh King who’s already getting Washington Post headlines in his bid for Sheriff, Prince William Teacher Maggie Hansford who has been on everyone’s TV earlier this year warning folks about how dangerous Corey is, who is running for the Brentsville District in the western part of the county. We’ve got two women vying for Corey’s seat itself, along with others running all throughout the county.

I’m running, too, and guess what? I’m running for the same seat where Corey Stewart got his start — the Occoquan District. 

I’m a descendant of Virginian slaves while Corey Stewart was born in Minnesota while draping himself in the Confederate Flag.

I’ll let you be the judge of the karmic justice in play if I win.

Help us take this once-in-a-generation chance to build on the momentum we’ve built over the last 2 years to finally oust Corey and erase his toxic legacy in our county.

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