TITLE: Opinion: Can the Cubs do it again?

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Posted by Madeline Head

Going against a tough starting pitching staff, bullpen and bats that just haven’t come alive yet, the Chicago Cubs are down 2-0 against the LA Dodgers. As a die hard Cubs fan from Chicago, the feelings of dread and worry start to inch up my spine. The Chicago Tribune quoted Maddon, “…the issue is the Cubs haven’t hit…” 


The Chicago Tribune is claiming the reasons for the losses would be the lack of our relief and Maddon’s “agonizing pitching decisions.” The Chicago Tribune continues to state, “Manager Joe Maddon set up his team to lose with the worst choice of reliever, while the impotent offense set up the Cubs to lose with the worst choice of pitches to swing at.” Chicago Tribune had a lot more to say on the matter…


“I mean, bringing in the deposed starter Lackey instead of All-Star closer Wade Davis in the bottom of the ninth inning of a tied game with the winning run on second base? And then allowing the pitcher who led the NL in homers face the Dodgers All-Star third baseman who homered 21 times? And then allowing Lackey [to] do it when he has never pitched on back-to-back days in his career? If Maddon has a bonus clause for crazy, then he just cashed it by getting beat with his, I don’t know, fifth-best pitcher.” 


The Chicago Tribune may be a little harsh with its accusations over Maddon’s choices for using his bullpen. He does not really have a choice in the matter since his relievers rarely show up. The main issue is the fact that the Chicago Cubs’ bats have yet to make an appearance in the series. 


We have had a rough and shaky relief bullpen all season. Yet, we have made it to the National League Championship once again. This is because of our incredible offense. Until our bats wake up, it will be a quick and devastating short series. The Chicago Tribune states,


“While Cubs relievers can’t get outs, that’s all that Cubs hitters are doing, and there dots aren’t hard to connect either. Dodgers pitchers haven’t seized this series by springing some new brilliant, unexpected plan on the Cubs. No, in sweeping the Cubs in May, Dodgers pitchers suckered Cubs hitters with high fastballs, and here it is again. It’s as if Cubs hitters haven’t learned.”  


The Chicago Cub hitters have not learned and they continue to rack up the outs. Hopefully, as the Cubs and Dodgers head back to Chicago, we will see the bats wake up and the players show up. 


A team that was known as the lovable losers for 108 years looks to do the unimaginable by winning the World Series back to back. But this seems to be setting up to be an up hill battle which the Cubs seem to love doing to their fans.

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