Tom Perriello is hosting a digital town hall Sunday night

Posted by Brandon Jarvis


We just wrapped up a whirlwind 24-hour get-out-the-vote tour across Virginia. I was reminded of the reason I got into this race to begin with: to elevate the voices of struggling Virginians and inspiring community advocates who understand that the economy and system have stopped working for most Virginians.

Today is one of my last chances to talk directly with voters before the election. I know my team, and I have been emailing a lot these past few days, but here’s one of my final asks:

I’m hosting a digital town hall today on Facebook at 9 PM. Please share this link with all of your friends, especially those who remain undecided on who to vote for on Tuesday — or even those who are not planning to vote. Please encourage them to tune into the town hall live, and ask any questions they have for me.

We will continue to try reach every Virginian, and make sure those who normally have no voice in our politics — those too busy working their second shift to attend a political fundraiser — have a reason to care, a reason to vote, a reason to hope that progress is always possible.

Thank you, and never stop fighting for progress.

Tom Perriello

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