Top GOP Digital Firm Purchased Domains for Amanda Chase, Nick Freitas, & John Mcguire for Congress

by Brandon Jarvis

Push Digital, a marketing firm based out of South Carolina has purchased congressional campaign addresses for State Senator Amanda Chase, Delegate Nick Freitas and Delegate John McGuire., and could all potentially host campaign websites if these candidates plan to run against Democratic incumbent Abigail Spanberger for the 7th congressional district seat.

This is far from a campaign announcement from any candidate, but it does lend a lot more credibility to the whispers that these 3, along with several more Republicans are eyeing the 7th district nomination.

Push Digital is one of the top digital marketing firm they work primarily for Republicans.

Wesley Donahue, the founder and CEO of Push Digital recently wrote this piece on medium titled: Why I Became a Republican

In the piece, Donahue says “I am a Republican because I grew up surviving on government handouts — Section 8 housing, welfare, Medicaid and food stamps. If not for government, my mom, sister and I would have been on the streets. But while government helped us survive, I also saw that it trapped my neighbors in a system in which they could not escape. They became dependent.”

It is worth noting that Nick Freitas is running as a write-in candidate this November in his Virginia House of Delegates district because he failed to file the correct paperwork. However, as noted above, a website for a 2020 congressional run has already been acquired.

Freitas’ campaign manager provided comment in regards to Push Digital purchasing this domain. “Each of those elected officials they bought a domain for is fighting to win their elections to ensure we keep our majorities in Virginia. I certainly hope the order to buy those domains and cause these distractions didn’t come from Ms. Ramirez herself when we’re in the middle of the fight of our lives to keep our majorities. The focus is entirely on November 2019 and since she’s never done anything in the conservative grassroots in Virginia before running for Congress, my advice to her is to focus on the elections this year instead of just on herself.”

John McGuire is also running in a House of Delegates race this year against a former public schools teacher and college professor Juanita Jo Matkins. McGuire has instead been focused recently on bringing attention to a Spanberger volunteers tweets.

And Amanda Chase, who is facing Democrat Amanda Pohl is the most vulnerable of the three due to recent mistakes of the campaign coupled with her profane outburst towards Capitol Police and Senate staffers earlier this year.

Several more Republicans across the district are interested in the race, so expect more names to come out after the General Assembly elections happening this November.