Union president calls for federal investigation of McGuire VA

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A Union president is looking for a federal investigation of McGuire VA Medical Center. She is saying that the hospital did not immediately fire its Assistant Chief of Pharmacy even though his license was suspended for fraudulently filling prescriptions.

The Assistant Chief of Pharmacy is Stuart Beasley. In a seven-page order, which he signed, it details numerous violations including filling prescriptions for himself using a false profile he created.

The order of consent reads Beasley filled 15 prescriptions for 1140 tablets of hydrocodone for personal and unauthorized use. It goes on to state he created a false prescription profile under the name "Stuart Beazley" using the letter "z" instead of "s" in the last name and using different addresses than his own.

The order says he filled 23 prescriptions for himself for powerful drugs used to treat PTSD.  All violations outlined by the Virginia Board of Pharmacy took place when Beasley was working a part-time job at Colonial Pharmacy on Mechanicsville Turnpike between 2012 and 2015.

A representative there said me when the DEA came into the pharmacy almost two years ago, Beasley was put on leave. When it all came to light, he was let go January 2015.

During all of this, Beasley was also working at McGuire, and the Union President says the hospital should have removed him long ago.

"One of the requirements of being Assistant Chief of Pharmacy Service is to have a pharmacy license," said Union President Jennifer Marshall. "He does not have a pharmacy license. Therefore, he should not be getting paid at all."

Beasley's license status - suspended indefinitely by the Virginia Board of Pharmacy.

Marshall says McGuire did nothing until now.

"He continued to hold a job at McGuire Assistant Chief, earning $160,000 a year," said Marshall.

How? Why? Marshall suspects preferential treatment of top managers.

"Theft of control substances, fraud, anybody else would in jail," said Marshall. "He's been allowed to get salary for four months even after the consent order suspending his license. He's there until Dec. 10. Now all the other people that are whistle blowers, they're detailed out of their position of record, openly humiliated but this guy they didn't take his badge. They didn't escort him off the property."

12 Investigators reached out to hospital Director John Brandecker for answers about Beasley's license suspension and how it may have impacted his work with veterans who are patients at McGuire. All we got back was a one-line response from his Public Relations Officer: "The medical center is unable to discuss personnel issues."

A year ago, 12 investigated a whistle blower's complaint about trash bags of unused medicines that should have been restocked.  Marshall says that needs to be looked into.

"He was around narcotics. Our taxes go to support veterans to help provide their care," said Marshall.

The Union President says McGuire terminated Beasley effective Dec. 10 this Saturday. McGuire calls it a personnel matter and will not comment.

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