Video: Richmond Police Officer Subtly Threatens Children

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by Brandon Jarvis

A video surfaced late Thursday night that showed a police officer in Richmond subtly threaten children as they stood in front of their school. The mother of one of the students posted about the encounter on Facebook. “While waiting to walk to their after school program a Richmond City Police officer drove past my daughter and her classmates that were standing in front of Alberthill middle school, made a U turn and yelled out of his window “what did you say?”.”

According to the mother, the children then told the officer they didn’t say anything to him, and he replied with “Yes you did.”

Then, the video picks up what happens next. The officer was still sitting with his window halfway rolled down in his car as he yells “Wait until your asses turn 18, then you’re mine.” The officer quickly drove away after the encounter with the children.

“This type of behavior will not be tolerated by any employee of the City of Richmond. I trust that the Richmond Police Department will conduct a quick and thorough investigation and respond accordingly.” said Mayor Levar Stoney. “This behavior is unacceptable. It reinforces stereotypes of our communities that are hurtful and damages the relationship between our police department and the citizens they are charged to serve.”

Richmond Police issued a statement saying they are investigating the incident. “The Richmond Police Department is aware of the video. We take these concerns very seriously. The officer in the video is currently being investigated by our Internal Affairs Division. There are no further details at this time,”

Video of the encounter can be seen below.

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