I want to say the Eagles can win it all, but I don’t want to jinx it

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Written by Madeline Head

The Philadelphia Eagles are a force to be reckoned with or at least that is what the unyielding fans of Philadelphia believe.

The presence of the Eagles is one of an unstoppable power. They may be even the best team in the NFL with a 10-1 winning record. In the entire month of November, no challenger even came within three touchdowns of the Philadelphia Eagles. But of course if we breakdown the Eagles schedule, they only actually have one win against a team with a winning record, the Carolina Panthers.

Does the feeling of unease start to rise or are you still a hundred percent confident in the Eagles?

The next two weeks will be either shut up the Philadelphia Eagles’ fan base or reinforce their overly zealous support and blinding loyalty in their team.

This Sunday the Eagles will faceoff against the Seattle Seahawks who are currently 7-4. Then the either defeated or 11-1 team will face the Los Angeles Rams who are 8-3. These will be the second and third time the Philadelphia Eagles will face a contestant with a winning record.

Of course the Eagles have verified that they are a superb team with a lot of talent and grit. They have not only beaten their opponents but also annihilated them. They seem to be exuding a confidence that is both inspiring but also maybe even cocky.

The Philadelphia Eagles are not even slightly uneasy over the upcoming competition, which is on the road. They are actually looking forward to it.

“This is a great opportunity for our football team,” head coach Doug Pederson stated. “It’s a great set of challenges for us. We’re going against an opponent that’s been to the Super Bowl, been in the postseason.”

It is important to remember that the NFC East has a total of 12 Super Bowls. Unfortunately, the Philadelphia Eagles have never contributed to that number. Since 1967, the Eagles have only achieved in entering the playoffs an overwhelming 20 times. It is pretty humorous since historically the Philadelphia Eagles have played significantly well, at least most of the time. The franchise just seems to have a hard time going all the way.

Carson Wentz is finally answering the prayers of the neglected and forgotten fans of Philadelphia. Wentz and the Eagles are working hard to prove the nation and their perceptions of them amiss. They are succeeding in proving this is not a stroke of luck but a steady and resilient team that is demolishing their way through the league.

The die hard, demanding, passionate, and the most intimidating fans in the league may finally see their Super Bowl win. That is if the Philadelphia Eagles do not self-implode, which seems to be a historical trend for them.

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