What identification do you need on election day?

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by Brandon Jarvis

It is important for every voter to understand what is needed when they show up at their voting location on election day. We went to the database of Virginia laws looking for answers on what identification is required on voting day. Any of the following options will be acceptable forms of ID on Election Day.

  •  A Virginia driver’s license even if it is suspended – important to note due to nearly 1 million drivers in VA have a suspended license.
  •  A United States passport
  • A student ID with picture that was issued by any higher education institution in the state
  • a student ID with picture that was issued by any private school in the state
  • An employee ID card with a photo of the voter issued by an employer

Any voter who does not show one of the forms of identification specified above shall be offered a provisional ballot. The State Board of Elections shall provide an ID-ONLY provisional ballot envelope that requires no follow-up action by the registrar or electoral board other than matching submitted identification documents from the voter for the electoral board to make a determination on whether to count the ballot.

More language from the Virginia Law website about the process of approving the voter and the act of voting is below:

“If the voter presents one of the forms of identification listed above, if his name is found on the pollbook in a form identical to or substantially similar to the name on the presented form of identification and the name provided by the voter, if he is qualified to vote in the election, and if no objection is made, an officer shall enter, opposite the voter’s name on the pollbook, the first or next consecutive number from the voter count form provided by the State Board, or shall enter that the voter has voted if the pollbook is in electronic form; an officer shall provide the voter with the official ballot; and another officer shall admit him to the voting booth.”

Other important things to know for election day:

  • A voter may be accompanied into the voting booth by his child age 15 or younger.
  • If the current residence address provided by the voter is different from the address shown on the pollbook, the officer of election shall furnish the voter with a change of address form prescribed by the State Board. Upon its completion, the voter shall sign the prescribed form, subject to felony penalties for making false statements
  • A voter, voting in person on election day or voting absentee in-person, has not voted until a permanent record of the voter’s intent is preserved. A permanent record is preserved by a voter  either pressing the vote or cast button on a direct recording electronic machine, inserting an optical scan ballot into an electronic counter, or placing a paper ballot in an official ballot container.
  • If any voter’s ballot was not so cast by or at the direction of the voter, then the ballot cannot be cast by any officer of election or other person present.
  • An absentee voter who votes other than in person shall be deemed to have cast his ballot at the moment he personally delivers the ballot to the general registrar or electoral board or relinquishes control over the ballot to the U.S. Postal Service or other authorized carrier for returning the ballot as required by law.

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