With Snowfall Looming, Vehicle Winterization is Crucial

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With Central Virginia’s first real snowfall of the season predicted to hit the area this weekend, a local auto insurance agent wants to remind drivers throughout the area of the importance of a proactive approach when it comes to vehicle maintenance this winter.


“Nobody wants to be stuck on the side of the road calling their insurance agent after snow or ice caused them to get into accident,” Jennifer Garriques – a Richmond-based Independent Trusted Choice Agent withGarriques, Lloyd & McMahon Insurance – said. “Trust me, I’ve been on the other end of the phone far too many times. It’s especially frustrating when so many of these types of accidents could have been avoided with a proactive approach and a bit of due diligence.”


Garriques noted that going through a brief, five-minute winterization checklist that you can do today could go a long way toward preventing that dreaded accident, both this weekend and beyond.


“When roads get slick, one of the most important pieces of equipment you own are your tires, so pay extra attention to them,” she said. “Check the wear pattern to make sure there is plenty of tread left and make sure they’re maintaining proper air pressure. When temperatures drop, so too does the pressure in your tires, so making sure they’re in the proper range is crucial.”


But a vehicle owner’s checklist shouldn’t stop at their tires, Garriques said.


“In addition, it’s vitally important you check all your fluids,” she added. “Make sure your windshield fluid reservoir is filled with a solution that contains an anti-freeze agent so that you can ensure your windshield remains clear in whatever weather mother nature might throw your way. It’s also smart to keep your gas tank full, if possible, to prevent moisture from accumulating and freezing in your fuel system.”


Garriques added that as the seasons change and Virginians head into winter and all the cooler temperatures and unpredictable weather conditions that come along with it, now is a good time to go through your auto insurance plan to ensure you have the necessary coverage for whatever winter might throw your way.


“Holiday travel and changing weather conditions unfortunately lead to more accidents this time of year,” Garriques said. “That means now is the perfect time to review your insurance plan and make sure you’re covered. The last thing you want is to be stuck with a big repair bill alongside that holiday shopping list. If you’re unsure, give your agent a call. We’re always happy to help”

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